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Sycamore cubes constructed with DiatoPOR, conserving water

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Soil stabilisation

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Consagros AG markets soil activation and stabilisation adjuvants, which are used for grass-covered areas, driveways and footpaths. Biodenit is an organic and biological soil activator. It is produced in Switzerland and activates the biological activity in the soil. Biodenit dissolves blocked organic substances in grass-covered areas and successfully controls thatch in lawns. Biodenit is used in sandy soils, such as for example on golf courses or football pitches, which must always be playable.

Discover also the high-quality ecological soil-improving substance DiatoPOR.


NaturStab is a plant-based non-toxic aggregate, which is composed of vegetable flour. It is extracted from plantain typesand can bind mineral soil parts to form crumbs. As a result, paths can be built, which are firmer, harder, yet nevertheless impermeable to water. This construction method is suitable, for example, for drives, footpaths and spaces in parks.

The water-bound NaturStab surface cover is service-friendly. Garbage, pieces of glass and organic matter must, however, be removed. Growth of weeds is inhibited but cannot be ruled out. They can be contained with prompt manual control. A rolling cycle should be planned in spring as far as possible. Interested? Call Consagros AG in Steffisburg or Nürtingen.

Instruction sheet on NaturStab, bound path surface: Arbeitsanleitung Naturstab.pdf

Instruction sheet on Naturafix, grout: Arbeitsanleitung Naturafix.pdf

NaturStab - Consagros AG - Steffisburg
NaturStab - Consagros AG - Steffisburg

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