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Conserve 25-30% water with DiatoPOR, the soil improver for your Golf Greens

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Sycamore cubes constructed with DiatoPOR, conserving water

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Soil improvement

DiatoPOR - water-conserving and ecological 

DiatoPOR is a mineral soil aggregate which has been developed by Consagros AG for the construction and maintenance of parks, sports facilities, lawns, planting areas, plantations and flat roofs. DiatoPOR is used most frequently for football pitches, golf courses and trees in cities. The soil aggregate is pH neutral and conserves water.

DiatoPOR consists of diatoms, the skeletons of brown algae, which are removed from a checked deposit. The diatoms increase the water holding capacity in the case of sandy soils, by releasing water into their shells.The plant can then absorb the water necessary, losses are minimised and as a consequence, less water is required. DiatoPOR is chemically and mechanically almost indestructible.

For paths we offer practical soil stabilisation solutions.

Ecological advantages: conserve 30% water

DiatoPOR is water-conserving, ecological and purely mineral. With DiatoPOR as soil aggregate you can conserve up to 30% water.

DiatoPOR is available in the grain sizes Green-Plus and Fairway Plus. For details of all the benefits, refer to our brochure: Prospekt DiatoPOR.pdf. Call us or fill out the contact  form  - Consagros AG in Steffisburg and Nürtingen.

The tender specification for DiatoPOR is: Diatopor_Ausschreibungstext.pdf

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