Water conservation, soil stabilisation & plant feed

Conserve 25-30% water with DiatoPOR, the soil improver for your Golf Greens

from Consagros AG in Steffisburg and Nürtingen

Soil advice and supervision for sports facilities from Consagros AG

Active in the whole of central Europe

Sycamore cubes constructed with DiatoPOR, conserving water

Consagros AG gives competent advice in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Building supervision

Advice and supervision of new constructions

Advice on soil and supervision during the implementation of new constructions as well as maintenance of sports facilities have long been the fields of work of Consagros AG. Building supervision is offered throughout Switzerland, and advice throughout the whole of Central Europe.

Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you on any new construction of golf courses and football pitches. Consagros AG in Steffisburg.

Construction supervision for football grounds - Consagros AG - Steffisburg

Practical information