Water conservation, soil stabilisation & plant feed

Conserve 25-30% water with DiatoPOR, the soil improver for your Golf Greens

from Consagros AG in Steffisburg and Nürtingen

Soil advice and supervision for sports facilities from Consagros AG

Active in the whole of central Europe

Sycamore cubes constructed with DiatoPOR, conserving water

Consagros AG gives competent advice in Switzerland, Germany and Austria


State-of-the-art fertilisers

Consagros AG in Steffisburg and Nürtingen markets granulated, liquid and organic fertilisers in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Italy etc.) and gives advice on green areas and soils.

Granulated, mineral fertilisers - low dust

  • Long-term potash fertiliser K-Tec: potash coated with polymeric urea 
  • Complete fertiliser mixtures: complete fertilisers formulated according to the needs of the plants. The duration of the effect can be planned thanks to the use of different forms

Long-term nitrogens

  • UFLEXX®: Enzymatically bound nitrogen, slow even release  
  • DURATION®: double coated urea, the nitrogen only flows when the plant is growing
  • SCUTM: sulphur-coated urea

Liquid fertilisers

  • Long-term nitrogen CoRon 28-0-0: Long-term nitrogen in liquid form
  • Genuine fertiliser solutions adapted to the needs of plants: Formulation and production under the influence of heat
  • Trace element and foliar fertiliser: together with plant assimilates and sugars against summer stress
  • Synergy+ Phos-Fight: Phosphite fertiliser with the highest phosphite content in the market

Organic fertilisers

  • Végévert flour and granulated: organic soil aggregate
  • Ever 7 granulated: biological complete fertiliser

We will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the right fertiliser for your purpose. Call Consagros AG in Steffisburg.

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