Water conservation, soil stabilisation & plant feed

Conserve 25-30% water with DiatoPOR, the soil improver for your Golf Greens

from Consagros AG in Steffisburg and Nürtingen

Soil advice and supervision for sports facilities from Consagros AG

Active in the whole of central Europe

Sycamore cubes constructed with DiatoPOR, conserving water

Consagros AG gives competent advice in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Consagros AG and Consagros GmbH

Water conservation, soil stabilisation and plant feed.

Consagros AG based in Steffisburg, canton of Bern, Switzerland, and Consagros GmbH based in Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, sell soil adjuvants and fertilisers in the whole of Central Europe. We are two companies, which have established professional competence and a scientific basis as the cornerstone of negotiation in construction and in the care of parks, sports facilitiespaths and much more.

Consagros AG was formed in 1999 and is operated by Werner Rosser, an agricultural engineer (Ing agr.) (FH) in the field of plant production / soil science. We are active in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland and other central European countries.

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The sector of pesticides is radically changing. Many active substances, which have been in use for years and were introduced to users, are vanishing from the market. We are looking for new opportunities with plant extracts and oils. Hence, with the collaboration of INRA-backed institutions from France, we are constantly searching for new solutions for plant production.

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